Monday, October 31, 2011

Pesticides, Anyone?

Ever wonder how that RoundUp spray you use on those pesky weeds could effect other things in your yard?  Come mid-March, CACC students Michael Pisano and Micah Fletcher plan to have definitive answers for you--albeit in two very different studies.

Pisano, a Rock Bridge senior, will focus on how the BT toxin effects worms and Micah, also a Rock Bridge senior, will be looking at how common herbicides effect spiders.  Both are in the preliminary stages of their experiments, with Pisano waiting to use harvested corn from Mizzou's Bradford Farms and Fletcher continuing to collect the correct species of arachnid.
Michael Pisano (L) and Micah Fletcher (R) work in the CACC Science Lab
The young men are both enrolled in Christine Roberson's 21st Century Life Science course where they have access to labs, equipment, and resources that will facilitate the experiments.  Pisano and Fletcher say that CACC has played an influential role in giving them the opportunities to explore their scientific interests.  "I've taken three science and lab classes at the Career Center," Pisano said. "It's given me the experience I need to be successful."  Fletcher agrees, "The lab has been a big asset. Our experiments hinge on having it available to us."

Pisano and Fletcher will present their experiments at the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium in St. Louis next March.  We'll update you on their progress throughout the year!

You can also check out the Columbia Missourian article on Pisano and Fletcher here!

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