Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Graphic Design Students Win True False T- Shirt Design Contest

Congratulations to Sandy Morrow’s Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing students Rebecca Stannard and Jack Kelley-Marcum for having their designs selected for the 2015 True False Film Fest T-Shirt Design contest. This year’s theme, “The Long Now”, or the idea of how to tell time without a clock, was their inspiration. The contest was open to the public, so having two high school students chosen makes their selection even more impressive. Along with the honor of having their design printed on a tee shirt, the students also received free passes to the True False Film Fest, March 5-8 in Columbia. T-shirts are currently on sale at Makes Scents and online at

Rebecca Stannard and Jack Kelly-Marcum with their winning True False Film Festival Tee Shirt Designs

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