Monday, November 30, 2015

Wildlife, Conservation and Forestry students help plant the Battle Elementary Kindness Tree


Students from Meridith Haley's Wildlife, Conservation and Forestry class at Battle High School together with Scott Keith of MU Landscape Division assisted in the planting of the Battle Elementary Kindness Tree. The Kindness Tree program was started to bring awareness and commitment to  children's mental, emotional and physical health.

Columbia Area Career Center and their partner in education,  MU Operations, joined forces to assist in the various elements of the project. The wildlife students planted the Butterfly Magnolia, the official tree of the Kindness Tree project and  CACC Graphic Design students, Michelle Algya and Rebecca Stannard designed the program and invitation. This is the second Kindness Tree event they have collaborated on.

At the dedication ceremony on November 20, Columbia Mayor, Bob Mc David recounted the history and the purpose of the Kindness Tree initiative; CACC Director Randy Gooch commented on the partnership between CACC and MU Operations; the 3rd, 4th and 5th choir performed a song about peace; Principal Jeri Petri remarked how the students observed Kindness as the character trait of the month in preparation for the dedication of the Kindness Tree. Muriel Battle Browder, daughter of Eliot Battle, offered her thoughts on the dedication of the Kindness Tree at the elementary school that bears her father's name.The program finished up with members of the student council reading poems about Kindness.

Scott Keith from MU Landscaping instructs students in tree planting

Students back fill the Butterfly Magnolia Tree

Students water the Butterfly Magnolia tree

Scott Keith and Meridith Haley's Wildlife class pose with the Kindness Tree

Mayor McDavid speaks to the crowd

Career Center director Randy Gooch

Battle Elementary Choir

The unveiling of the Kindness Tree plaque

"A single act of kindness can change a life forever"

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