Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Celebrate the Dream Program Brings 5th Grader to CACC

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Such is the question posed to nearly every child at some point in youth with the answer evolving as we age.  The notion of becoming an astronaut or a doctor or a firefighter often fills a child's mind with hopes and dreams of doing something fun--and socially important--in this world.  Columbia Public Schools' Parkade Elementary is lucky enough to be home to a program that offers its young students the opportunity to not only explore those hopes and dreams, but also to prepare themselves for success in their coming years.  

The Celebrate the Dream program was organized in 1995 by former CPS counselor Sky Jimenez to expose students to job opportunities and role models in our community, and to teach and practice social skills and manners that will serve them well past their public school years.  

"I wanted to give our kids a chance to see successful people in our city and to understand that it takes hard work and effort to get to those places," explained Jimenez.  

Built around the foundation of Black History Month, Ms. Jimenez teaches about the Civil Rights Movement and  gives lessons on table manners, interview etiquette, and social skills.  In culmination, she organizes a job shadow and mentor program that pairs Parkade fifth graders with successful African American community members.  Students mock interview in preparation, and then spend at least two hours with their mentor observing their daily job and then asking questions about their occupation.  After, students develop a presentation and present to their class as well as accompany their mentor to a luncheon held at Columbia College.

One CACC instructor will attend the luncheon with his young mentee.  Fifth grade student Khudier Khudier job shadowed our Safety and Security instructor Dean Martin on Tuesday, February 14.  Martin has participated in the program for years as the Boone County Fire Chief, and this year afforded the chance to showcase two professions:  firefighting and education.  

Khudier spent his time watching Martin teach and then learned how to safely remove someone from a dangerous situation using a dummy.  "Dragging the dummy across the floor was cool, but it was really heavy!" he said. 

"I love being a part of this program," said Martin. "The kids are well-prepared and really want to see what it's like to have a job that they might aspire to one day.  And this year, I got to talk about both of my jobs."

When posed the age-old question of what he wants to be when he grows up, Khudier smiled and shrugged his shoulders: "I don't know yet.  I'm only a fifth grader!"

According to Jimenez: "It's never too early to start getting our students to think about their future, and we're thankful to Chief Martin and the career center for giving Khudier this great opportunity!"  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Skills USA Students Advance to State

Congratulations to the following Skills USA students who advanced to state competition!
3D Visualization & Animation:
Cameron Webber        1st place
Carl Baldwin               1st place
Richard Shinkle           2nd place
Samuel Kloeppel          2nd place
Jacob Bickford           3rd place
Halim Mavrakis           3rd place

Architectural Drafting:
John Gilmore              2nd place

Electronics Technology:
Ezekiel Rachow           1st place
Christian Wahl             3rd place

Thursday, February 16, 2012

FAFSA Frenzy Transportation Schedule

HHS pick-up/drop-off location: west doors, Providence Road side
DHS pick-up/drop-off location: south doors, Park Avenue side
CACC pick-up/drop-off location: southwest doors, Professional and Community Education side

Departs From
Stop #1
Stop #2
Arrives At
Shuttle Pick-Up #1
Career Center
8:40 AM
9:00 AM
9:10 AM
Career Center
9:30 AM
Shuttle Pick-Up #2
Career Center
9:40 AM
10:00 AM
10:10 AM
Career Center
10:30 AM
Potential Drop-Off #1
Career Center
10:40 AM
11:00 AM
11:10 AM
Career Center
11:30 AM
Final Drop-Off
Career Center
11:40 AM
12:00 PM
12:10 PM
Career Center
12:30 PM

Centro Latino Offers Tutoring and Homework Help

Attention Latino students & families!

Centro Latino offers free prep help for the ACT/SAT, homework help, and tutoring in all academic subjects 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday!  Work one-on-one with a fun staff of Mizzou student tutors!  Come join us!

For more information, check out Centro's website.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Army Ants Prepare for FIRST Competition

While most of us were just waking up to watch our Saturday morning cartoons and eat our big bowl of cereal, over 30 students were gathered in the conference room of the Columbia Area Career Center to watch the kickoff of the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition.

Ever heard of such a thing?  Probably not--but it's a big deal.  Think of it like this:  Every high school sport has a regular season, playoffs and championships.  Robotics, thanks to Segeway creator Dean Kamen, now has something akin to the varsity model.  And while the state football championship might, like the FIRST Robotics Competition, be held in St. Louis' Edward Jones Dome, state football sure didn't have over 70,000 students competing.  Nor did state football end with a concert by the Black Eyed Peas.  Yes.  The Black Eyed Peas.  Evidence below.

In all fairness, the robotics competition in St. Louis is actually a fierce international competition, but for the "varsity sport of the mind," one would be rather surprised about the time, effort, and diligence it takes to get there.

Those 30 students who came to school on Saturday, plus about 10 more who went to St. Louis to watch the unveiling of the "game," are members of CACC's robotics team, the  Army Ants #3792.  The team is open to anyone who wants to take part in the building of a robot to function independently of human direction and insync with other student-made robots.  During the kickoff, teams learned the detailed specifications of their robot and what it would have to do in competition.  This year, the robot must be able to pick up a basketball, cross the court by way of a teeter totter, and then shoot.

Students and instructors from the Army Ants are at the career center 6 days a week, most nights as late as 7pm and Saturdays from 9am-5pm designing and building a robot that can compete with other robots from the thousands of others that will be entered by similar FIRST robotics teams from around the nation.  The team has until February 21 before they must stop work and bag and tag the robot.

Until then, the Army Ants will continue to raise funds to support their efforts.  From a Shakespeare's give-back night, busing tables at Fudruckers, selling LED lightbulbs and cookies every Wednesday at Rock Bridge, the Army Ants are doing everything they can to make sure they make it to St. Louis. Additionally, students have been making sales calls on area businesses selling sponsorships.  We'll be keeping you up-to-date on their progress as the season continues.  Be sure to check out their website or facebook page for more information, or email sponsor Julie Lyman on how you can help our CACC students achieve their goals!  

DECA Students Advance to State Competition

Congratulations to the 48 students who advanced to state DECA competition after placing at districts!  DECA is a co-curricular student organization for students enrolled in marketing programs.

Human Resource Management
1st place: Syed Ejaz (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Audrey Schutte (Hickman)

Apparel & Accessories Marketing
1st place: Alaina Battaglia (Rock Bridge)

Business Services Marketing
2nd place: Annamarie Van Doren (Hickman)

Marketing Management
1st place: Shane Kuse (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Michael Fentress (Rock Bridge)

Automotive Services
1st place: Tanner Smith (Hickman)
2nd place: Jordan Reynolds (Rock Bridge)

Quick Serve Restaurant
1st place: Spencer Claiborne (Hickman)

Restaurant & Food Service Management
1st place: Sam Staes (Hickman)
2nd place: Connor McCarty (Rock Bridge)

Retail Merchandising
1st place: Rachel Volmert (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Tina Brinkmann (Hickman)

Hotel & Lodging Management
1st place: Larkin Shull (Hickman)
2nd place: Maggie Moore (Hickman)

Sports & Entertainment Marketing (individual series)
1st place: Michelle King (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Ryan Stanowski (Rock Bridge)

Food Marketing Series
1st place: Harry Schauwecker (Rock Bridge)

Business Finance Series
1st place: Alex Gregory (Rock Bridge)

Principles of Business Management & Administration
2nd place: Ryan Nauser (Rock Bridge)

Principles of Hospitality & Tourism
1st place: Kaitlyn Robertson (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Nate Horvit (Rock Bridge)

Principles of Marketing
1st place: Olivia Mends (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Katie Paul (Rock Bridge)

Team Management Events:

Business Law & Ethics
2nd place: Cole Cade & Drake Loethan (Rock Bridge)

Buying & Merchandising
1st place: Amanda Baker & Ashleigh Atasoy (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Brandi Dye & Cathy Chen (Hickman)

Financial Analysis
1st place: Daniel Rhodenbaugh & Eric Wetz (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Breanna Chick & Kala King (Hickman)

Hospitality Services
1st place: Lexi Bumby & Alison Reynolds (Rock Bridge)

Sports & Entertainment (team)
1st place: Coltin Hermann & Will Echelmeier (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Jordan See & Jake Cowan (Hickman)

Travel & Tourism
1st place: Mike Nemec & Ashley Monticelli (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Mike Richardson & Garrett Dishinger (Hickman)

Marketing Communications
1st place: Scott Coffelt & Ryan Phillips (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Chloe Kome & Alize Shaffer (Hickman)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Auto Tech Partners with Big O Tires

CACC's Automotive Technology program welcomed a new partnership this year with Big O Tires!  Just down the road from the career center, the Big O partnership will give students the opportunity to apply their automotive skills in a real-world work environment, along with giving students the chance to earn scholarships for their post-secondary education.  

"This partnership makes complete sense for us," said Auto Tech instructor Johnny Green.  "Our program curriculum is very similar to what Big O does, like work on brakes, alignment, tire service and repair, and routine services. This will be great for our kids and we're very thankful Big O approached us with this idea."  

The details of the agreement are that Big O offers CACC students internships, job shadowing experiences, field trips, and a $1000 scholarship for a student pursuing post-secondary education in the automotive technology industry, and a $500 scholarship for their second year of education.  

CACC looks forward to a great relationship with Big O!  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Plant Sale

Valentine's Day is coming soon!  
Think about ordering flowers or plants for that special someone in your life and supporting CPS students at the same time! 

The Floral Design students are busy preparing for Valentine's Day!  Roses and carnations will be available and the Greenhouse Production students have grown tulips, daffodils, hyacinth and other assorted potted flowering plants which will surely brighten your day.

Orders can be sent by e-mail.  Payment on orders to be picked up on the 13th or 14th can be made at  time of pick up.  Payment for orders being delivered to Rock Bridge or the Career Center can be sent through school mail. Shown below are our Mylar balloon selections.  Please indicate desired style number when ordering.  Order form can be found here.  Just download the form and send it to srodekoh@columbia.k12.mo.us!

We will have plenty of the potted plants available for cash and carry on the day of the sale so pre-orders are not necessary for these items.

We only take cash or check, sorry, no credit or debit cards at this time.

Thanks for supporting the horticulture students at the Career Center!

Style 4
Style 6
Style 1
Style 5