Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DECA Students Advance to State Competition

Congratulations to the 48 students who advanced to state DECA competition after placing at districts!  DECA is a co-curricular student organization for students enrolled in marketing programs.

Human Resource Management
1st place: Syed Ejaz (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Audrey Schutte (Hickman)

Apparel & Accessories Marketing
1st place: Alaina Battaglia (Rock Bridge)

Business Services Marketing
2nd place: Annamarie Van Doren (Hickman)

Marketing Management
1st place: Shane Kuse (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Michael Fentress (Rock Bridge)

Automotive Services
1st place: Tanner Smith (Hickman)
2nd place: Jordan Reynolds (Rock Bridge)

Quick Serve Restaurant
1st place: Spencer Claiborne (Hickman)

Restaurant & Food Service Management
1st place: Sam Staes (Hickman)
2nd place: Connor McCarty (Rock Bridge)

Retail Merchandising
1st place: Rachel Volmert (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Tina Brinkmann (Hickman)

Hotel & Lodging Management
1st place: Larkin Shull (Hickman)
2nd place: Maggie Moore (Hickman)

Sports & Entertainment Marketing (individual series)
1st place: Michelle King (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Ryan Stanowski (Rock Bridge)

Food Marketing Series
1st place: Harry Schauwecker (Rock Bridge)

Business Finance Series
1st place: Alex Gregory (Rock Bridge)

Principles of Business Management & Administration
2nd place: Ryan Nauser (Rock Bridge)

Principles of Hospitality & Tourism
1st place: Kaitlyn Robertson (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Nate Horvit (Rock Bridge)

Principles of Marketing
1st place: Olivia Mends (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Katie Paul (Rock Bridge)

Team Management Events:

Business Law & Ethics
2nd place: Cole Cade & Drake Loethan (Rock Bridge)

Buying & Merchandising
1st place: Amanda Baker & Ashleigh Atasoy (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Brandi Dye & Cathy Chen (Hickman)

Financial Analysis
1st place: Daniel Rhodenbaugh & Eric Wetz (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Breanna Chick & Kala King (Hickman)

Hospitality Services
1st place: Lexi Bumby & Alison Reynolds (Rock Bridge)

Sports & Entertainment (team)
1st place: Coltin Hermann & Will Echelmeier (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Jordan See & Jake Cowan (Hickman)

Travel & Tourism
1st place: Mike Nemec & Ashley Monticelli (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Mike Richardson & Garrett Dishinger (Hickman)

Marketing Communications
1st place: Scott Coffelt & Ryan Phillips (Rock Bridge)
2nd place: Chloe Kome & Alize Shaffer (Hickman)

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