Thursday, January 31, 2013

Culinary serves Mardi Gras Lunch

Celebrate Fat Tuesday with a traditional 

"New Orleans" style meal

prepared by Culinary 2 students

Thursday, January 24, 2013

FAFSA Frenzy

Students are encouraged to attend the FAFSA Frenzy held at

CACC on Saturday, February 16 from 9-11am

Sponsors have donated prizes to be awarded by random drawing to students who "like" us  on Facebook weekly through February 16.
Click on the link below for your chance to enter and win!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Skill Expo showcases CACC Classes

Hundreds of current and prospective students and parents attended the Columbia Area Career Center's Skill Expo as classroom instructors and students presented their wares. Participants were treated to skill demonstrations, taste testing and interactive displays.

Secondary enrollment forms were due January 18, giving students a last minute look at course possibilities for the 2013-14 school year.

Check out the sights from the 2013 Skill Expo!

Baking and Pastry students prepare pop tarts, pies and donuts for taste testing
Baking and Pastry students ice and decorate pop tarts

Teaching Professions  instructor Gina Greenplate

Certified Welding instructor Bill Irvin with welding students

Automotive Technology students look under the hood

CAD Instructor Bob Allee explaining 3-D modeling

 Instructor Tony Kindwall speaking on Electronics

Core Essentials and EMT students applying a KED

EMT and Core Essentials students simulating a victim transport
Core Essentials of Fire Fighting student in HazMat suit

Core Essentials of Fire Fighting and EMT students

Student created posters adorn the ceiling of  the Digital Media classroom

Laser Technology instructor Rick Shanks

Geospatial Technology students explain  mapping

Lab Foundation student using microscope to view a gram stain of a bacteria sample

Culinary students making sausage

Certified Welding student

MU police  Interceptor  on display in Automotive Technology

Students looking at the spectral response of gases with a spectrometer in Photonics lab

Ag instructor Kevin Duncan talks about Animal Science courses
Ag department display

 Students participate in a sorting Algorithm game in Computer Science classroom

Robotics students demonstrate robots

Core Essential students demonstrate Combitube placement on a mannequin

Construction Technology students demonstrate carpentry

Lab student demonstrating a  multi-channel micro-pipette

Electronics student demonstrate wiring

First Robotics student and Robot,  Ball 2 D2

Friday, January 18, 2013

Columbia Area Career Center held its "I Can" Club Award Ceremony at  Reynolds Alumni Center on the MU campus, January 17,2013  The “I Can" Club award recognizes students who have demonstrated outstanding cooperation, self-motivation, preparedness, positive attitude, dependability and persistence which truly exemplifies the Career Center Expectations. The award is sponsored by our Partner-In-Education, MU Administrative Services. Congratulations to the “I Can" Club Winners. 

Ashland                                               Rock Bridge
   Montana Duchsherer                         Jon Antel
   Nathaniel Murray                             Christina Bailey
Hallsville                                                    Rose Baka
   Taylor Clemens                                Eric Becker
   Tim Echelmeyer                               Marlena Billstein
   Kaitlyn Fisher                                  Joe Blazis
   Hailey Ketchum                               Phoebe Boeschen
   Austin Reno                                    Andrew Bolar  
Douglass                                                    Francis Brightwell
   Dylan Todd                                     Spencer Brocksmith
West                                                           Tasha Brooks
   Rebecca Vega                                 Clayton Chatman
Hickman                                                     Austin DeHaven
   Zachary Anderson                            Samantha Ding
   Chandler Anderson                            Kaitlin Epperson
   Megan Anderson                               Eric Glennon
   Andrew Atkins                                  Nicholas Godas
   Zach Baldwin                                   Chauncey Goins  
   Nellie Boyd                                       Grant Gould
   Cathy Chen                                      Amanda Hendren
   Emma Coffman                                  Nate Horvit
   Taylor Forsythe                                Mason Humphrey
   Seth Gerardy                                    Katy Hurdle  
   Gareth Greenwell                               Blake Johnson
   Lane Harmon                                    Madison Jones
   Davinne Hayes                                  Lainyn Kerley
   Melissa Lowary                                  Eric Kuse
   Daniel Martz                                     Maria Lagunas
   Jaden Messner                                  Allison Linder
   Abhishek Patel                                  Bailey Linebaugh
   Danny Ploudre                                   Riley Long
   Caleb Rainey                                     Whitney Martinez
   John Reiss                                        David Mellitt
   Alize Shaffer                                     Kaszmere Messbarger
   LaKrista Souders                                Hayden Niemeyer
   Monica Strawn                                   Laramie Oxford
   Jacob Toler                                       Emily Phaup
   Jacob Trout                                      Eva Quattrocchi
   Bryan Van Etten                                Carly Raetz
   Rita Vega                                         Chaldler Randol
   Daniel Veros                                      Austin Renwick
   John (Ryan) Wood                              Michael Rhodenbaugh    
                                                         Adam Richardson                        
                                                                       Nicholaus Shuler
                                                         Caroline Sundvold
                                                         Leia Tarbox 
                                                Zach Taylor
                                                         Elana Tucker
                                                         Skylar Vahle
                                                         Mat Van Hove
                                                         Clark Walters
                                                         Luke Walters
                                                         Bret Weise
                                                         Christina Young 
                                                         Emily Magruder

Monday, January 14, 2013

HOSA sponsors Blood Drive at Career Center

Thursday, January 10, 2012 Columbia Area Career Center's  HOSA chapter cosponsored a blood drive  with the American Red Cross. Students and staff once again showed their willingness to give to a worthy cause by donating 53 units of blood, exceeding the 40 unit goal. Red Cross officials said that the majority of donors were students. Advisor Monica Duemmel said "for every unit donated, three lives are saved."

HOSA students participated, promoted and recruited students to donate.  They themselves donated, worked the registration table and assisted in the canteen.