Friday, February 27, 2015

SkillsUSA Culinary and Baking and Pastry students compete in District Competition

SkillsUSA Culinary Arts  and Baking and Pastry District competition took place at Columbia Area Career Center on Tuesday, February 24. Students finishing in the top two spots will compete at the state level in late March. Congratulations to the winners.

        Culinary Arts       
  • 1st place: Jacob Ventrillo (Rock Bridge)
  • 2nd place:  Jerry Jo (Hickman)
  • 3rd place:  Abby Wallen (Battle)
      Commercial Baking
  •   1st Place: Jacob Knerr (Home School)
  •   3rd Place: Regan Soumokil (Rock Bridge)
Instructors Carri Risner, Brook Harlan, Jeff Rayl, John Minor and Katie Frink serve as SkillsUSA advisors.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Marketing Students attend Missouri ACTE Legislative Day

DECA Members from Battle, Hickman and Rock Bridge High Schools traveled to Jefferson City to particiapate in Missouri ACTE Legislative Day. The delegation included Madison Mc Donnell, Lauren Forrest, Becca Wagner, Tate Dempsey and DECA advisor  Pete Eichholz. The purpose of the trip was to celebrate Career and Technical Education and extol the virtues of DECA, the Marketing  Career and Technical Student Organization.  Students attended a House Chamber session, met with local representative and Hickman graduate Stephen Webber, took part in the CTE month proclamation in the House Lounge and had lunch with fellow Missouri  DECA members at Madison's Restaurant.

Tate Dempsey, Lauren Forrest, Madison McDonnell and Becca Wagner in the House Chamber

Madison McDonnell, Lauren Forrest, Becca Wagner and
Tate Dempsey meet with Representative Webber

Madison McDonnell and Becca Wagner prepare for the day on the House Floor

Thursday, February 19, 2015

SkillsUSA District Results

Students from Columbia Area Career Center competed in various events at the SkillsUSA Central Missouri District Conference on February 13, 2015 in Sedalia, Missouri. Students who placed in the top three spots received medals and the top two finishers will continue on to state competition March 26-28, 2015 in Linn, Missouri. Culinary Arts and Commercial Baking contests will take place on February 21, 2015 in Columbia, Missouri.
Congratulations to the following students:

Architectural Drafting

  • Mason Beachy (Hallsville)                            2nd Place
  • Juan Lopez (Rock Bridge)                           3rd Place
  • Joseph Reneker (Rock Bridge)                    4th Place
Automotive Service Technology
  • Jacob Crum (Hallsville)                                1st Place
  • Ben Wesselmann (Hickman)                       8th Place
  • Reilly Long (Rock Bridge)                           3rd Place
  • Nicholas Voney (Battle)                               8th Place
  • Robert Thomas (Rock Bridge)                  10th Place
  • Garret Tamerius (Hickman)                        2nd Place
  • Ethan Mackey  (Battle)                                8th Place
Information Technology Services
  • Grant Powell (Rock Bridge)                       2nd Place
  • Kyle Shearrer  (Rock Bridge)                     4th Place
Technical Drafting
  • Emily Vu (Rock Bridge)                             2nd Place
  • Hunter Waganer  (Rock Bridge)               3rd Place

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Marketing Students from Career Center qualify for DECA State

50 Marketing Students from Career Center qualify for DECA State

Pete Eichholz, Anne Hickman and Scott Fuenfhausen, DECA Advisors for Columbia Area Career Center, are proud to announce the results of the DECA District 2 competition that was held on Wednesday, February 4 at the Holiday Inn EXPO Center in Columbia. More than 200 students from District 2 competed in the day-long event including DECA members from the Battle, Hickman and Rock Bridge DECA chapters. The top two finishers in each event advance to the State Career Development Conference on March 15 for the chance to move on to Nationals which will be held in Orlando, FL in April.

The following DECA students qualified for state:

Human Resource Management
1st place: Lily Burns (Hickman)
2nd place: Margaret Straw (Hickman)

Apparel & Accessories Marketing
2nd place: Becca Wagner (Hickman)

Automotive Services
2nd place: Austin Schiefer (Christian Fellowship)

Business Services Marketing
1st place: Tate Dempsey (Battle)
2nd place: Thomas Semkiw (Hickman)

Marketing Management
1st place:  Madison McDonnell (RB)

Restaurant and Food Service Management
1st place: Shelby King (RB)
2nd place: Bridget Vazquez (Hickman)

Retail Merchandising
2nd place: Brooklyn Hill (RB)

Hotel & Lodging Management
1st place: Courtney King (RB)
2nd place: Betsy Poehlman (RB)

Sports & Entertainment Marketing (individual series)
1st place: Gareth Greenwell (Hickman)
2nd place: Joey Koetting (RB)

Food Marketing Series
2nd place: Addison Neutzmann (RB)

Business Finance
1st place: Jack Rentschler (RB)

Quick Serve Restaurant Management
2nd place: Andrew Ricks (Christian Fellowship)

Principles of Business Management & Administration
2nd place: Quinn Miller (RB)

Principles of Hospitality & Tourism
1st place: Sara Swaney (Hickman)
2nd place: Ana Tager (Hickman)

Principles of Marketing
1st place: Zuhair Thabit (Hickman)

Principles of Finance
1st place: Mariah Murphy (RB)

Team Management Events:

Business Law & Ethics
1st place: Brett Norton & Peyton Tettleton (Hickman)
2nd place: Greyson Jeffrey & Aaron Ghidey (RB)

Buying & Merchandising
1st place: Lauren Forest & Maddy Towns (RB)
2nd place: McKenzie Harris & Eden Bartok (Hickman)

Financial Analysis
1st place: Tanner Lawrence & Daniel Veros (Hickman)
2nd place: Reed Steuber & Nick Whitworth (RB)

Hospitality Services
1st place: Sam Hoyt & Aubrey Jaco (Hickman)
2nd place: Elliot Bones & Paul Kindling (RB)

Sports & Entertainment (team)
1st place: Carson England & Eric Kuse (RB)
2nd place: Andrew Wooldridge & Matt Eichelmeier (RB)

Travel & Tourism
1st place: Maddie Gilmore & Kay Frymire (Hickman)
2nd place: Adison Capel & Shannon Greene (Hickman)

Marketing Communications
1st place: Charlie Dranginis & Sam Baugher (Hickman)
2nd place: Matasen Chambers & Caitlin Price (Hickman)

Leadership Delegate:
Brooklyn Hill (RB)

Third Place finishers: (do not qualify for state)
Mark David (Hickman): Hotel & Lodging
Camille McManus (RB): Human Resource Management
Mickey Hua (Hickman): Sports & Entertainment (Individual)
Raven Stokes (Hickman): Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
Cameron Hawkins (Battle): Principles of Marketing
Amy Agnew (Hickman): Restaurant & Food Service Management

The DECA competition is divided into two parts. Students first take an exam which tests basic marketing knowledge. The second portion of the competition is “role play” where students are given a marketing situation in which they must develop a solution and then present that solution to a judge who rates their solution. The final score is a combination of the two parts.

McKenzy Harris, Kay Nies, Eden Bartok, Olivia Huggins and Reed Wilson

Charlie Dranginis and Shannon Greene

                          Denis Kalendar, Joey Koetting, Brendan McLaughlin and Lucas Harrington
Mark David, Gareth Greenwell, Daniel Veros, kMatasen Chambers, spencer Linder Adison Capell, Abby Fulcher, SamBaugher, Caitlyn Price, Shannon Greene, Becca Wagner and Charlie Dranginis kneeling

Graphic Design Students Win True False T- Shirt Design Contest

Congratulations to Sandy Morrow’s Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing students Rebecca Stannard and Jack Kelley-Marcum for having their designs selected for the 2015 True False Film Fest T-Shirt Design contest. This year’s theme, “The Long Now”, or the idea of how to tell time without a clock, was their inspiration. The contest was open to the public, so having two high school students chosen makes their selection even more impressive. Along with the honor of having their design printed on a tee shirt, the students also received free passes to the True False Film Fest, March 5-8 in Columbia. T-shirts are currently on sale at Makes Scents and online at

Rebecca Stannard and Jack Kelly-Marcum with their winning True False Film Festival Tee Shirt Designs

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 2015 "I Can" Award Ceremony held

The "I Can" Award ceremony  was held February 10, 2015 at the Reynolds Alumni Center on the University of Missouri campus. Students receiving this honor exemplify the career center expectations of positive attitude, reliability, professionalism, initiative, responsibility, respect, integrity and gratitude as recognized by their teacher or peers. Each honoree and their family were invited to attend the breakfast ceremony where the student received a certificate and gift of recognition by CACC's Partner in Education, MU Operations.

Photos from the event can be viewed on CACC's Facebook page .

Congratulations to the winners:

Hallsville High School
Grant Ketchum
Tyler Morris

Southern Boone High School
Garrett Morrison
James Milliner

Home Schooled
Kayla Franks
Mariah Murphy

Hickman High School
Aarika Bock
Aixa Perez
Alexander Brown
Allison Frappier
Ann Lei
Austin DeHaven
Ben Wesselmann
Chee Young Lee
Damon Fuller
DeOshina Bagby
Faith Dixson
Ian Fitch
Jack Baugher
Jacob Emory
Joe Ege
Katie Hough
Kyriela Taylor
Li Zhang
Logan Garton
Margaret Straw
Marlena Roach
Matthew Rothermich
Neil Schiefer
Nila Palaniappan
Samuel Studer
Will Collier
Wyatt Thompson

Muriel Battle High School
Alaya Hunt
Alexis Spikes
Ben Guillory
Brent Thompson
Brett Porter
Collin Pounds
Hannah Ballew
Jack Tallmage
Jacob Lancaster
Joseph Brockert
McKenzie Greene
Mckinna Keller
Natalie Martin 
Payton Jobe
Tawni Branch
Thomas Fenner

Rock Bridge High School
Allyson Hill
Audrey Milyo
Bailey Grieshaber
Bryce Aldridge
Clayton Warder
Deidre Mattson
Emily Vu
Erika Herting
Grant Powell
In Han Kim
Jackson Griebel
Jessica Chapdelaine
Joanna Yu
Joe Boettcher
John Seina
Josh Selkoe
Joyce Park
Julian Montano
Kaylin Maggard
Lauren Forrest 
Lauren Norfleet
Lindsey Smith 
Lucas Wyatt
Madeline Mueller
Madeline Perry
Maryam Bledsoe
Matt Van Hove
Quinn Miller
Robert Herting
Robert Thomas
Samuel Gurnsey
Sara Nelson
Shelby King
Stephanie LeBlanc
Tyler Petermichel
Tyler Rod

Monday, February 9, 2015

Columbia Area Career Center Students receive NCWIT computing awards

Columbia Area Career Center Web Design/Graphic Design student Michelle Algya (Heritage Academy) has received the 2015 St. Louis and Southern Illinois Regional NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing from the National Center for Women & Information Technology.  She was also named a national runner-up in the competition. Columbia Area Career Center Geospatial Technology/Analysis student Allyssa Johnson (Southern Boone High School) and Computer Programming student Katherine Lydon (Rock Bridge High School) also received recognition for their computer-related accomplishments in the same competition.
The students were selected for their demonstrated, outstanding aptitude and interest in information technology and computing, leadership ability, excellent academic history and plans for post-secondary education. All three young women will be honored at an awards ceremony in March at the Millennium Center on the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL) campus.

The NCWIT Award, sponsored by Bank of America, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Intel and the National Center for Women & Information Technology, recognizes young high school women for their computing-related achievements and interests in an effort to encourage more young women to choose careers in technology.