Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CACC Hosts Iron Chef Style Competition

Columbia Area Career Center was transformed into Kitchen Stadium last night as a friendly Iron Chef style competition pitted five teams of two against each other for the ultimate battle of culinary prowess.  The teams consisted of an American Culinary Federation apprentice/Jr. Member from the University Club kitchen and an advanced student from CACC’s very own culinary arts program.
Teams prepared a three-course meal for a table of eight as well as plates for viewing and judging.  The University Club provided the judges for the event.

CACC Guidance Counselor Amelia Fagiolo sat at table one with a meal prepared by apprentice Casey Rotert and current CACC student Heather Pitt.  Said Fagiolo: "Our food was delicious!  As someone who loves food and watching TV shows like Iron Chef and Chopped, it was cool to experience the process in real life."  

Ultimately, the duo of apprentice Scott Gestring and CACC student Bianca Mello came out on top with their Smoked Trout Profiterole, Stuffed Pork Loin, and Raspberry, Marscapone, and Pistachio Tart.  The two won an all expense paid dinner, valued at $200.00 plus the opportunity to help out in one of the top kitchens in either St. Louis or Kansas City.

Apprentice                                               CACC Student
Casey Rotert (former CACC student)           Heather Pitt
Reed Crull                                               Dahnya Rogers
Harold Sexhauer                                       Will Kinney
Scott Gestring                                          Bianca Mello (winners)
Scott Wynn                                              Hailey King

Here are some photos from the event:
Apprentice Casey Rotert and CACC Student Heather Pitt

Apprentice Reed Crull and CACC Student Dahnya Rogers

CACC Student Will Kinney and Apprentice Harold Sexhauer

Apprentice Scott Gestring and CACC Student Bianca Mello

CACC Student Hailey King and Apprentice Scott Wynn


  1. This was a wonderful dinner. The first place winner was a previous CACC student as well. However, before he was in culinary, he did his magic on the construction forefront in two years of CACC constuction technology program. Needless to say, after having had his entree, he is building a future with his culinary skills as well! Good time was had by all and EVERYONE of the CACC students/apprentices created a nice evening for all attendees! Even with surprises like food allergies! Hats off to the CACC chefs as well!

    1. What a great event and opportunity for students to put their skills to test under pressure.

  2. Congratulations Bianaca and Scott. Bianca, your creations are always pleasing to the eye as well as the palate.



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