Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eight Columbia FFA teams competed at the State Level on April 18 and 19 in Columbia, Missouri. The results are as follows:

Poultry Evaluation   1st Place
(advised by Kevin Duncan)
  • Kassie Rankin (HHS)
  • Lainyn Kerley (RBHS)-top individual score
  • Michelle Ross (RBHS)
  • Rachel Kirchhofer (RBHS)

Ag Mechanics  2nd Place
(advised by Larry Henneke)
  • Alan Perry  (HHS)
  • Austin Wallace (HHS)
  • Joe Ege  (HHS)
  • Eva Quattrocchi (RBHS)

Soils Team  3rd Place
(advised by Larry Henneke)
  • Ashley Cleveland (HHS)
  • Shelby Wilson (RBHS)
  • Daniel Martz (HHS)
  • Jaime Vaughn (RBHS)

Forestry  4th Place
(advised by Larry Henneke)
  • Grant Gould (RBHS)
  • Kira Kirk (RBHS)
  • Sarah Darr (HHS)
  • Kelly Wilsdorf  (HHS)

Meats   4th Place
(advised by Kevin Duncan)
  • Maddie Grant (RBHS)
  • Kaitlyn Epperson (RBHS)
  • Loyal Carpenter (HHS)
  • Bailey Peters (HHS)

Horses  6th Place
(advised by Kevin Duncan)
  • Hannah Corbin (HHS)
  • Austin DeHaven (RBHS)
  • Paige Martin (RBHS)
  • Holly Wegner (HHS)

Nursery   6th Place
(advised by Larry Henneke)
  • Drew Atkins (HHS)
  • Quinn Pestle (RBHS)
  • Jordan Craig (RBHS)
  • Adele Fritz (HHS)

Dairy Cattle  14th Place
(advised by Chuck Miller)
  • Jessica Brown  (HHS)
  • Taylor Forsythe (HHS)
  • Ashlynn Girard  (HHS)
  • Alyssa Strawn (HHS)
Natural Resources*    1st Place

  • Sarah Darr
  • Lainyn Kerley
  • Kira Kirk
  • Grant Gould
  • Jordan Craig

Congratulations to the Poultry Evaluation and Natural Resources teams who placed first and will advance to National Competition in Louisville, Kentucky in October.

*The Natural Resources team competed last fall and was recognized at the state convention

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