Friday, September 19, 2014

CACC Instructors present at Benton STEM showcase

CACC Instructors, CPS Practical Arts Coordinator Craig Adams, and the First Robotics team presented  at the Benton Elementary STEM Showcase. Civil Engineering instructor Brad Mann brought displays of balsa wood bridges and gave the students a kit to make their own bridge out of toothpicks. Lab instructor Christine Roberson dissected  cow eyes to show students  the retina, iris, and cornea. EMT instructor Bobby Horn brought 2 manikins for  students to practice bandaging and rescue breathing. Craig Adams brought robot cubes and 3D pens for the students to try out.  Certified Welding instructor Bill Irvin brought welding equipment for the students to see and try on. FIRST Robotics advisor Janet Bagby  and two FIRST Robotics team members brought the robot to demonstrate.
Students were fully engaged as they explored the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Craig Adams demonstrates robot cubes

Benton Student uses the 3D writer

Benton Student wraps the injured manikin

Bobby Horn demonstrates rescue breathing

Bill Irvin talks to students about welding

Students examine welding equipment and try on welding helmets

Brad Mann explains how to make a toothpick bridge

Christine Roberson set up to dissect a cow eye

FIRST Robotics team members Juan Chacon and Andrew Gillis demonstrate the robot throwing the ball

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