Thursday, November 13, 2014

Entrepreneurship students excel at State Entrepreneurship Challenge

Friday, November 7, 2014:  Three teams of Columbia Area Career Center students from Hickman in Pete Eichholz's Entrepreneurship class qualified to compete for the state title in the University of Missouri-Kansas City Bloch School of Management's 2014 Missouri Entrepreneurship Challenge.  
In order to qualify, students had to create a new product or service for a school store that would either streamline efficiency, increase revenues or both. Students had to come up with a product and submit a business plan. Three of the twenty teams that made it to the state finals were from Columbia. 

  First Place team:
  • Abby Fulcher
  • Gareth Greenwell
  • Caitlin Price
  • Becca Wagner
  • Mateson Chambers
Second Place team:
  • Kay Frymire
  • Sam Studer
  • Eden Bartock
  • Amy Hsu
  • Max Parry
The winning team members each received a $1,000 renewable scholarship to UMKC and a tablet. The second place team each received a $1,000 scholarship to UMKC. The competition is sponsored by MasterCard, UMKC and the Missouri Council on Economic Education.  The third team to qualify for the state challenge consisted of Nick Nelson, Olivai Klenke, Maddie Gilmore, Mark David and Yoel Stefanos. 

The Entrepreneurship students from Pete Eichholz's class
First Place team, Mateson Chambers, Gareth Greenwell,
 Becca Wagner, Caitlin Price and Abby Fulcher

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