Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2015 HOSA State results announced

The Missouri HOSA: Future Health Professionals 2015 Leadership Conference was held March 24 in Rolla, Missouri on the Missouri S &T campus. The students who participated were from  Columbia Public Schools representing Hickman High School, Battle High School and Columbia Area Career Center HOSA Chapters. Thirty-five students competed and 18 qualified for nationals.
First Place Gold Medalists

Biomedical Debate

  • Sonya Hu-CACC (RBHS)
  • Michael Pennella-CACC (RBHS)
  • Joshua Vincent-CACC (RBHS)
Healthy Lifestyle
  • Jiaming Ji-CACC (RBHS)
Nursing Assisting
  • Janavi Patel-CACC (RBHS)
Human Growth and Development 
  • Amy Gu-CACC (RBHS)
  • Danielle Wu-CACC (RBHS)
  • Marilise Stamps-CACC (RBHS)
Transcultural Health Care
  • Emily Getzoff-CACC (RBHS)
Second Place Silver Medalists
Forensic Medicine
  • Julia Hill-CACC (RBHS)
  • Elaine Phillips-CACC ( RBHS)
Medical Innovation
  • Britton Stamps-CACC (RBHS)
  • Priyanka Patel-CACC (RBHS)
Nursing Assisting
  • Samanth Saylor-CACC (Southern Boone County HS)
Sports Medicine
  • Jaehyung Rhee-CACC (RBHS)
Dental Terminology
  • Catherine Ryberg-CACC (RBHS)
Transcultural Heath Care
  • Bryanna Arnold-HHS
Third Place Bronze Medalist
Transcultural Health Care
  • Lisa Zhuang-CACC (RBHS)
All of the medalists qualified to compete at the 2015 National HOSA Leadership Conference held June 24-27 in Anaheim, California.

HOSA: Future Health Professionals is a career and technical student organization that develops leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition. This is an integral part of the Health Science Education instructional program.

HOSA advisors include Deb Canine, Monica Duemmel, Michael Giblin, Karen Hirst, Bobby Horn and Christine Roberson.

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