Monday, November 21, 2011

Ag Day a Success

Despite the rain and cold, Ag Day 2011 was a resounding success. Ag Day has become an annual tradition at the career center and grows each year. Instructor Larry Henneke initiated the event in an effort to showcase agriculture programs for not only his students, but all high school students. 

This wasn't your typical college fair, where post-secondary schools send a representative 
to set up a table and meet with interested students in the commons; rather, the schools brought in livestock and equipment as well as representatives to showcase their programs. In addition, agriculture leaders in the community brought animals and equipment which gave students hands-on interaction.

Truman State University brought horses, Mizzou's Dairy Farm brought a cow that students could milk, Linn State Technical College brought heavy machinery, and Lincoln University brought goats.  Kee Groshong and Stanley Lynn both brought antique tractors, Caroline Sicht brought cattle, and Sydentstrickers loaned a tractor.  Ag students manned the grill and sold hamburger meals to raise funds for future events.

Take a look below for some pictures from the Ag Day:

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