Friday, December 2, 2011

Broadcast Students Intern at KOMU

When Mizzou students vacate Columbia for Thanksgiving break, KOMU often calls on students enrolled in Columbia Area Career Center's broadcast journalism program to fill in. This year, CACC alum and current KOMU reporter Ashley Colley, known for producing the Friday Night Fever program, requested help with the local station's sports website.
"I love being able to give back to Mrs. Brueck and her class by providing them with opportunities at KOMU that she worked so hard to get for me," said Colley.  "It's a great way to get some experience inside a news station and see if this is really something they want to do when we are in need of help."

Rock Bridge seniors Anna Brugmann and Sarah Henzel volunteered and spent their break researching, writing, and publishing articles.  Colley noted that both Brugmann and Henzel were "very eager to learn and help out in any way possible."    

Instructor Haley Brueck encourages her students to get involved. "It's such a great opportunity for our students to be exposed to a working environment. With this experience they can enter college steps ahead of their peers."

As for Colley, she's now producing This Week in Mizzou Football with Gary Pinkel and This Week in Mizzou Basketball with Frank Haith that air on KOMU as well as Fox Sports Network in six different states, along with other sports and newscasts.  She credits her start to Mrs. Brueck, the BroJo program, and CACC: "Mrs. Brueck and the Career Center helped open the door for me at KOMU which helped me get to where I am today. I will be forever thankful for my time in Mrs. Brueck's broadcast classes and my time spent at the Columbia Area Career Center."

Check out Anna and Sarah's stories below!

Anna Brugman:

Be sure to watch for work done by CACC students during the holiday break--most likely they'll be in the "Today" show cut-ins!

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  1. Holiday Break is almost here! Incredible to think that some of the cut-ins are produced by high school students.


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