Thursday, March 21, 2013

Laura Estabrooks named Breaking Traditions State Educator Winner

Laura Estabrooks is surprised by CACC Director, Linda Rawlings
The Breaking Traditions Awards are an annual recognition of outstanding nontraditional career education students and the educators and employers who support them. Non-traditional students are defined as those studying for careers that are traditionally chosen by the opposite gender.

Congratulations to  Laura Estabrooks who won the State Educator Breaking Traditions Award! Laura was nominated by Kate Harline, a senior in Geospatial Technology.  In the Trade and Industry programs of Geospatial Information Systems and Information Technology, female students and educators are considered non-traditional—since the program has a male population of 75 percent or more.

In addition to Laura winning the State Educator award, a student in the Practical Nursing program, Trevor Cavness, won the State Postsecondary/Adult Breaking Traditions Award. Trevor graduated from the Practical Nursing program last week and passed the State Board of Nursing (NCLEX) test this week!

Seldom does an institution have two award winners! Plus…eight secondary students also received Honorable Mention.

  • Kelly Wilsdorf-Horticulture-nominated by Sherie Rodekohr
  • Kelsey Ward-Wildlife Conservation/Forestry nominated by Larry Henneke
  • Kaitlyn Fisher-Firefighting & Public Safety nominated by Bobby Horn
  • Monica Greenlief-Photonics/Taser Technology nominated by Rick Shanks
  • Nellie Boyd-Certified Welding nominated by Bill Irvin
  • Ashton Day-Broadcast Journalism nominated by Joe Wittman
  • Hayden Veach-Teaching Professions nominated by Gina Greenplate

Laura and Trevor will be honored May 3 at the 2013 Breaking Traditions Awards Ceremony and Reception at the Missouri State Capitol.
Janet Bagby, Laura Estabrooks, Linda Rawlings and GIS students

Paula Fox, Trever Cavness, Linda Rawlings, Janet Bagby and Jim Sharrock
Read the Columbia Daily Tribune article.

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