Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Bella Chats" debuts

Isabelle Bouchard interviews
Dr. Chris Belcher on "Bella Chats" 
Columbia Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Chris Belcher was the first guest of video talk show host, Isabelle Bouchard in her new CPS 360 series "Bella Chats." Bouchard, a Rock Bridge senior and CACC Broadcast Journalism Intern, will be interviewing guests every two weeks this fall. The show was a brainchild of Broadcast Journalism instructor Joe Wittman as a way to give Isabelle industry related experience. The hope is to build the audience and continue this venue for future interns. As host, Bouchard invites guests from the community and develops questions for each interview. Assisted by Madison May, teleprompter and  Joe Wittman, director  the show went off without a hitch.

Extending the industry related experience to the Digital Media department allowed Leadership Media Tech, Elena Franck  to design a fitting logo for the show.

The program will air on cable channel 81 or Digital TV channel 23.2.
To view the video on YouTube, click below. See all the "Bella Chats" shows by subscribing to CPS 360.

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