Friday, January 17, 2014

International Geospatial Opportunity

Two students from Laura Estabrooks' Geospatial Technology class have applied for an international Geospatial opportunity called Global Connections and Exchange Youth TechCamps: My Community, Our Earth Program. TechCamp is conducted by The Association of American Geographers (AAG) with funding from the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Youth Program Division.
Allyssa Johnson, a junior from Southern Boone High School and Michael Harrington, a sophomore from Battle High School are vying for a competitive spot on one of three teams. Students selected for this program will collaborate with students from Bolivia, Panama and South Africa as they study the topic GeoTechnologies for Climate Change and Environment. They will participate in online training, where they will meet and plan before actually travelling to Bolivia, Panama or South Africa where students will work as a group with 10 US students and 30 local students to increase their knowledge of climate change. The project will help improve their online mapping, project collaboration, and problem solving and communication skills. As a bonus, international travel will also increase their understanding and appreciation of cultural differences. The program is set to begin spring 2014 with orientation, progress to a 10 day intensive, content rich excursion to Bolivia, Panama or South Africa in summer 2014 and conclude with a fall 2014 virtual project. Laura Estabrooks is skilled at finding opportunities for students to apply Geospatial classroom instruction. Good luck to Allyssa and Michael.

Michael Harrington and Allyssa Johnson

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