Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CACC Retirees

Thanks Caye!
After 21 years with the Columbia Public Schools, Caye Dubes is retiring.  Caye has served as main office secretary and she will be sadly missed by the entire staff and students!  She leaves with mixed emotions because working at the Columbia Area Career Center has been her most enjoyable position of her working profession.  Bonding friendships have developed over these 21 years and Caye will miss these special friends!  She has enjoyed watching the students learn and grow in their education as well as watching the Career Center’s growth over the years.  She hopes the public will continue to be more informed about the Career Center and realize what they offer the youth of tomorrow!

Caye is married to Jerry Dubes and they have two children; a son who lives in Smithville, MO and a daughter in Germany.  They plan to spend more time visiting with their children and grandchildren.  Traveling is also at the top of their “Bucket List” as well as having the time to just enjoy life!

Thank you, Terry!
Terry Timmons, Vocational Resource Educator, is retiring this year after serving the Columbia Public Schools for 31 years.  She taught one year at Jefferson Junior High and 30 years at the Columbia Area Career Center.  Terry also taught six years in Galesburg, Illinois!  After 37 years, this lady deserves a break!!  She will be greatly missed by the staff and students at the career center.  Her energy, enthusiasm and attention to detail have helped many high school students see success in high school and beyond!  We will miss you Terry!!

She looks forward to taking a fall vacation with her husband and spending lots of   time with her darling grandson!

Thank you, Jim!
Jim Kyd, instructor for Electronics, is retiring from teaching this June.  He earned his BS in Education in 1973 and went to Arkansas to work on museum restoration.  He worked with numerous wooden items and wholesaled a line of wooden toys out to the World Trade Center in Dallas, Texas!  He returned to Columbia in 1978 to do custom woodworking until 1981, when he started teaching Technology Education in Hallsville, Missouri.  Jim earned his Master’s degree in 1985 and taught Technology Education in Mokane, Missouri until 1990.  In 1991, Jim taught Technology Education at Hickman High School.  He was instrumental in starting the highly successful aerospace (CASA) program in the Columbia Public Schools.  Jim moved to the Career Center in 2000 as the electronics instructor. 

Next year, Jim will be working for an electronic product development company in Columbia!  So it appears that Jim is not REALLY retiring but just changing channels.  The staff will miss Jim but wish him all the best as he enters a new world of employment!

Thank you, Steve!
Steve Chott, instructor for Electronics and A+IT Essentials, is retiring from the Career Center this June.  Coming to the Career Center from 3M Company in 1992, Steve coordinated the Missouri Customized Training Program and the Adult Education Trade and Technical programs for a number of years before moving back into the classroom in 1996.  He was part of the laser ablation project (3M) which helped the Career Center start its laser/photonics program.

Steve says he will really miss the students and being with them when they get that “Aha!’ moment. Steve has been able to see lots of those “Aha!” moments and will be missed by the staff and students next year!

Thank you, Oscar!
Dr. Oscar Carter, Assistant Director of the Columbia Area Career Center, will be retiring at the end of this school year.   He has been with Columbia Public Schools for seven years.  He started his career in South Central Missouri as an Agriculture instructor.  He taught for 23 years with 18 of those years at Ozark Mountain Technical Center in Mountain Grove, Missouri.

His plans after retirement include spending more time with his family, who reside outside of Boonville, Missouri.  He will remain in the area and will continue to be active with the Boonslick Kiwanis and other community groups in Boonville and Columbia.  He looks forward to fishing more and working less!  Best of luck on those fishing endeavors, Oscar….we will miss you!

Thank you, Cathy!
Cathy Holle has worked in the Career Center's Financial Aid office since March 1998. She has loved working with the Practical Nursing and Surgical Technology students, helping them find ways to fund their education. Many of these student's lives have been profoundly changed by these programs. She's enjoyed working with her colleagues in the Adult Education office.

Cathy hopes to spend more time at the pool this summer and enjoying her condo that she moved into 5 years ago. 
Her next career will be working with the elderly. Best wishes, Cathy!!