Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Double Up and Get Two for One!

Dual Credit students get a head start on the future by earning both college credit and high school credit for classes they take at the career center. During the most recent school year 252 students earned 900 semester hours of college credit for completing career center courses.

This is possible when the curriculum and the competencies mastered in a career center class are equivalent to those required in a particular college-level class as identified by the college or university.  Eligible students then receive both high school credit and college credit upon successful course completion.

Final grades are reflected on both the student’s high school and college transcripts. The college credit is transcripted for the student by the university whether or not the student attends that institution after high school graduation.  And the credit is transferable to other colleges and universities in Missouri and throughout the nation, if the student so chooses. As an added bonus, college tuition for dual credit courses is usually less than half the cost of attending the course on the university campus.

Currently 32 career center courses are approved for dual college credit by our partnering colleges and universities which include Central Methodist University, Linn State Technical College, Missouri State University, Moberly Area Community College, University of Central Missouri and the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  Stephens College will be joining our dual credit partnerships in the spring.

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