Friday, September 30, 2011

CACC Students Visit Bradford Farm

Every September, CACC instructors Larry Henneke and Kevin Duncan take students enrolled in their agriculture classes on a day trip to Mizzou's Bradford Farm, a research center six miles east of Columbia.  Over 150 students participated in workshops on landscaping, equine science, agriculture, in addition to many others.  Students were exposed to the real-life applicability of their CACC courses.
Students Kyler Guy, Austin Wallace, Jake Osgood,  Alex Shea, Bryce Prange, and Darnell Samuels participate in a team building exercise.  The objective was to lift a bowl of water using rubber bands and no verbal communication.

Michael Simpson, Jeff Martin, and Alex Shea examine a bovine fetus.
Students listen to Mizzou's Equine Team teach about equine anatomy. 

Connor Moore and Ashton Rhine get hands-on learning at Bradford Farms.

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