Monday, September 19, 2011

FIRST Robotics Heads to Benton Elementary

Zane Kullman (Columbia Area Career Center Senior) assists La'Javion
Williams (Benton 2nd grader) in launching the mini-robot up the pole.

FIRST Robotics Army Ants #3792 team members escorted a local “celebrity” to Benton Elementary School for the STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) Showcase.   The award winning robot, fondly named C2, was built by the rookie FRC team in 2011.  CACC senior Zane Kullman and CACC sophomore John Gillis introduced the robot to Benton students and explained how the team built and programmed the robot to accomplish certain tasks to compete at the Regional and Championship events.  Benton principal Troy Hogg noted that his students were "quite impressed and intrigued" by the presentation, adding "I think you've probably recruited some future CACC students!"

The CACC Army Ants are interested in helping Benton establish their own FIRST Lego League so students can gain experience in robotics and research.  Gillis was hopeful and excited at the prospect of forming an elementary team.  "They [the elementary students] don't have limitations to their creativity, and we would be mentoring them so they could structure that creativity into making something new and innovative."  Kullman was also encouraged by the trip to Benton, adding "Everyone--the kids, the teachers, the principal--they were all interested and so supportive."   

Benton made the transition to become Columbia Public Schools' first STEM focused elementary this year.  Find out more about their new direction on their website.

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