Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Faces at CACC

Mr. Randy Gooch
Position: Assistant Director
Previous Experience: My previous position was Director of 
Hart Career Center in Mexico, Missouri. During my public education tenure, I have also served as an Industrial Technology Teacher, Guidance Counselor and Vocational Resource Educator.  My corporate experience consists of Logistics Management with Wal-Mart, and I owned and operated a custom millwork shop.  Additionally, I have served in the US Army as a commissioned officer.
Why CACC?:  I have long thought of CACC as one of highest quality career centers in the state. It has consistently had strong leadership and is an example to many other centers.  When an assistant director position opened, I wanted to be a part of a highly successful team.  With the strong district commitments to Career and Technical Education, Columbia Missouri has a very bright future.
Interesting Tidbits: I enjoy listening to and playing music.  I also enjoy golf, gardening and biking.  My most recently found pleasure is teaching my daughter to drive.
Family: Married for 20 years with 3 daughters.

Mr. Dean Martin
Position: Core Essentials of Firefighting & Public Safety Instructor
Previous Experience: Retired from the Columbia Fire Department after serving almost 22 years.
Why CACC?: I was a member of the initial advisory committee for these programs so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped at it.
Interesting Tidbit: I am originally from the South Bronx in NYC
Family: Married over 20 years, 3 daughters.

Mrs. Diana Duncan
Position:  Secretary
Previous Experience:  Industry, Education (Agriculture Education Instructor), and Youth Development
Why CACC?:  I have always had a passion for career education.  As a student in high school, my favorite classes were Agriculture and Marketing.  Now as an adult, I see how the things I learned in those two areas, together with added opportunities to increase knowledge and develop skills at the college level, have equipped me with skills I use everyday.  The Career Center is a great place to explore interests and gain knowledge and skills you can use wherever you go.  I also love the education atmosphere and working with students.
Interesting Tidbits:  I have two wonderful sons Gentry (6) and Hayden (4).  We live on the four generation family farm that Kevin, my husband and also an instructor at CACC, grew up on in Centertown.  We also participate in the Boone County and Cole County Farmers Market where we market our farm fresh pork , whole chicken, eggs, berries and vegetables. 

Mr. Juan Flores
Position: IT/PC Technician
Previous Experience: I worked as a Networking Specialist for Everbrite Electronics for a number of years before moving to Columbia. 
Why CACC?  Because it rocks!
Interesting Tidbits: Computers seem to love me.  I can't explain it.  And, by the way, I'm from the Dominican Republic!  Adios, amigos!

Mr. Tony Kindwall
Position:  I teach Electronic Essentials and Robotics.
Previous Experience: I have worked as an Electronics Technician in the US Navy, then as a Network Administrator, and have taught Networking,Telephony, and Game Design at the Lake Career and Technical Center.
Why CACC?: I moved to Columbia to be close to my girlfriend and I wanted to expand my career.
Interesting Tidbits: I love playing frisbee, flying airplanes, and turtles. 

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