Thursday, November 1, 2012

Culinary partners with MFA and Today's Farmer magazine

For the past 6 years, Columbia Area Career Center’s culinary program has partnered with MFA Oil’s magazine, Today's Farmer in the styling of their monthly recipe section. The latest collaboration has the two teaming up with a video version for MFA’s online magazine.  As a partner in education with CACC, MFA demonstrates the beauty of this cooperative effort; students get real life experience in food-styling at the same time MFA gets the benefit of having their work done by aspiring young food artists. MFA selects recipes sent in by readers, forwards them to CACC where they are reviewed and selected based on which will photograph the best. Recipes are re-created, noting any changes or clarifications the recipe might need. Then MFA staff arrive to photograph or videotape CACC students preparing the item and setting up the final stylized shot for publication. This food styling activity is yet another viable career opportunity available to culinary students in the diverse food service industry.

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