Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Columbia FFA Competes at 85th National FFA Convention

Columbia FFA took 5 teams to compete at the 85th National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, IN, October 24-27.  CDE teams in Forestry, Landscape/Nursery, Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems, Environmental and Natural Resources and Poultry Evaluation competed and all earned gold emblem status. Congratulations to the FFA members and advisors on this great accomplishment. Results are listed below:

Poultry Evaluation  1st Place
Advisor Kevin Duncan

Kaitlin Epperson (RBHS) 2nd place individual
Maddie Grant (RBHS) 3rd place individual
Loyal Carpenter (HHS) 4th place individual
Brooke Eaton (RBHS)

Forestry  1st Place
 Advisor Larry Henneke

Benjamin Carpenter (HHS) 2nd place individual
Stephen Bennett (RBHS) 3rd place individual
Tory Chasteen (RBHS) 4th place individual
Quinn Pestle (RBHS)

Environmental and Natural Resources  5th Place
Advisor Larry Henneke

Jordan Craig (RBHS)
Julia Matera (RBHS)-8th place individual
Grant Gould (RBHS)
Iain Gould (RBHS)

Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems  6th Place
Advisor Larry Henneke

Sam Crader (RBHS)
Josh McKinley (RBHS)
James Farris (RBHS)
Austin Cunningham (RBHS)

Nursery/Landscape  5th Place
Advisor Larry Henneke

Katie Dirks (RBHS)
Taylor Forsythe (HHS)
Kelly Wilsdorf (HHS)
Kira Kirk (RBHS) 4th place individual

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  1. Very impressive program, faculty and students to send 5 teams to nationals.....and all five placed nationally. These are comprehensive career development events that require prepared, talented students to excel! Great work Columbia FFA. Awesome work, well done!


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