Friday, October 26, 2012

MAC Scholar Coordinator tours CACC

MAC Scholars Coordinator, Annelle Whitt, J.D., officially toured Columbia Area Career Center on October 16, 2012 for the first time.  Director Linda Rawlings extended the invitation in an effort to form a collaborative relationship to ensure all students are aware of the offerings available through Career Center courses. Courses are currently housed on the Hickman, Rock Bridge and Career Center campuses.  Battle will also provide offerings when they open. 

After a whirlwind tour covering the 120,000 square foot campus, Ms. Whitt commented how proud she was to see MAC Scholars engaged in CACC classes.  Her final stop was an introduction to the FIRST Robotics team’s 2012 competition robot, “Ball2D2” who offered Ms. Whitt an “Army Ants” cupcake and a basketball shooting demonstration.  John Sabath, Army Ants Control Systems team member, drove the bot and shared how his involvement has expanded his skills in Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM).  Mrs.Whitt remarked  "Every student has a gift, and those gifts are as diverse as our student population. CACC provides a great opportunity for students to explore those gifts. As the MAC Scholars Coordinator for CPS, I am proud to partner with CACC to help pave the way."

John Sabath, Ms. Whitt, Dr. Lyman, Mrs. Buechler and  CACC director Linda Rawlings watch robotics demonstration
Ms. Whitt accepts a gift from robotics club advisor Dr. Lyman and "Ball2D2"

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