Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trapshooting on Tuesdays

Each Tuesday after school, you will find 20 to 30 Columbia FFA members at the Prairie Grove Shooting Club honing their shooting skills. They come for fun, camaraderie, and for practice in anticipation of their upcoming competitive meets. This year the Trapshooting team will compete at regional trapshoots as well as at the FFA Area lV, the Missouri Northeast District, and the Missouri State Youth Trapshoots. Each team is composed of five members; the teams are selected based on their scores and their availability to attend meets. For about 20 years, CACC agriculture teacher Chuck Miller has been coaching the trapshooting teams.  He commented that the FFA has recently received two grants from the Friends of the NRA foundation.  The funds were used to purchase guns and a gun safe which are housed at the shooting range. Additionally, with funds available to offset the costs for FFA members, Miller says, “Anyone is welcome to shoot with us.” He added, “My philosophy on our shooting program is to get as many students shooting as possible in a safe, respectful, and enjoyable manner. I want them to come back each week.”  

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