Monday, October 15, 2012

Breaking Traditions

The Breaking Traditions Program promotes and supports career development with an emphasis on Nontraditional Careers. A Nontraditional Career is an occupation in which men or women comprise 25% or less of total employment. 

 Did you know?

Women in nontraditional careers typically earn 20-30% more than woman in traditional jobs.

Over their lifetime, women in nontraditional careers will earn 150% more than women in traditional jobs.

High demand and well paid nursing occupations are nontraditional for males.  Today, only 7% of nurses are male.

What career center courses are considered Nontraditional Careers for:

Women                                                            Men
Agriculture                                             Health Science
Trade and Industrial                                Project Lead the Way - Biomedical
Project Lead the Way – Engineering

There is a Breaking Traditions Award statewide competition, recognition and scholarship. 
 For more information contact Janet Bagby at

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