Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Construction Technology and Habitat for Humanity

CACC's Construction Technology 1 & 2 students spend most of the school year constructing a Habitat for Humanity house. This year, they are working on two houses. In addition to their regular work site, they were asked to put roof sheeting on the Show-Me Central Habitat for Humanity "Net-Zero" house. The local Habitat for Humanity was the recipient of a $60,000 grant to help fund the building of an energy efficient house which features solar panels, a solar water heater, low flow plumbing fixtures, 45% more insulation and LED lighting. Instructor, Eric Radmer and his crew of 9 were happy to assist in this project.

Construction Technology students complete OSHA 10 hour training each fall to gain skills necessary for a safe work site.

Construction Technology students apply plywood sheeting with an air nailer

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