Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DECA District results hit a new mark

47 Marketing Students from Career Center qualify for DECA State

Pete Eichholz, Anne Hickman and Scott Fuenfhausen, DECA Advisors for Columbia Area Career Center, are proud to announce the results of the DECA District 2 competition that was held on Thursday, February 20 at the Holiday Inn Executive Center in Columbia. More than 250 students from District 2 competed in the day-long event including DECA members from Battle, Hickman and Rock Bridge DECA chapters. Students finishing the top two in each event advance to the State Career Development Conference on March 16 for the chance to move on to Nationals which will be held in Atlanta, GA in May.

The DECA competition is divided into two parts. Students first take an exam which tests basic marketing knowledge. The second portion of the competition is “role play” where students are given a marketing situation in which they must develop a solution and then present that solution to a judge who rates their solution. The final score is a combination of the two parts.

The following DECA students qualified for state:

Human Resource Management
1st place: Madison Reifsteck (Hickman)
2nd place: Brandon Banton (RB)

Apparel & Accessories Marketing
1st place: Kristen Ruesch  (RB)
2nd place: Becca Wagner (Hickman)

Business Services Marketing
1st place: Tate Dempsey (Battle)
2nd place: Madison McDonnell (RB)

Marketing Management
2nd place: Kalei Wilson (Hickman)

Restaurant and Food Service Management
1st place: Charlie Dranginis (Hickman)

Retail Merchandising
1st place: Brandi Smith (RB)
2nd place: Taylor Farill-Roberts (Hickman)

Hotel & Lodging Management
2nd place: Larkin Shull (Hickman)

Sports & Entertainment Marketing (individual series)
1st place: Michelle King (RB)
2nd place: Mickey Hua (Hickman)

Food Marketing Series
1st place: Alize Shaffer (Hickman)
2nd place: Chris Godas (RB)

Business Finance
2nd place: Chandler Randol (RB)

Principles of Business Management & Administration
1st place: Loyal Carpenter (Hickman)
2nd place: Maddie Gilmore (Hickman)

Principles of Hospitality & Tourism
1st place: Kay Frymire (Hickman)

Principles of Marketing
2nd place: Blake Wisniewski (Hickman)

Principles of Finance
1st place: Tony Wiemann (Hickman)

Team Management Events:

Business Law & Ethics
1st place: Mary Jane O’Connor & Connor Lake (Hickman)
2nd place: Kortney Betz & Rachel White (RB)

Buying & Merchandising
1st place: Nate Horvit & Jack Schimpf (RB)
2nd place: Brandi Dye & Cathy Chen (Hickman)

Financial Analysis
1st place: Connor McCarty & Carson England (RB)

Hospitality Services
1st place: Sam Hoyt & Aubrey Jaco (Hickman)
2nd place: Jacob Winton & Sam Wohlbold (RB)

Sports & Entertainment (team)
1st place: Andrew Wooldridge & Matt Eichelmeier (RB)
2nd place: Brady Pfeiffer & Eric Kuse (RB)

Travel & Tourism
1st place: Justin Brown & Harrison Berets (Hickman)
2nd place: Campbell Thompson & Sanja Kalendar (RB)

Marketing Communications
1st place: Garrett Mingus & James “Pen” Terry (RB)
2nd place: Julian Richardson & McKenzie Green (Battle)

Leadership Delegates:
Tate Dempsey (Battle) and Madison McDonnell (RB)

Third Place finishers: (do not qualify for state)
Brenden Wallace (RB): Business Finance Series
Alex Tenill (Hickman): Automotive Services
Mark David (Hickman): Hotel & Lodging
Caitlynn Noltie (RB): Human Resource Management
Gareth Greenwell (Hickman): Sports & Entertainment (Individual)
Collin Hollrah (Hickman): Business Services Managment
Molly Carter & Caitlin Price (Hickman): Business Law & Ethics
Lauren Forest & Hayley Wilson (RB): Buying & Merchandising
Bre Logan & Jenna Bartok (RB): Hospitality Services Team
Austin McDonald & Brendan McLaughlin (RB): Marketing Communications
Daniel Veros & Tanner Lawrence (Hickman): Sports & Entertainment Team
Kylie Smith & Katie Radel (RB): Travel & Tourism

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