Monday, March 10, 2014

Global Village

Global Village is an opportunity for students to experience different cultures right in their own high school. 
Culinary I students research and prepare samples of food (enough for 400 to taste)from a country of their choice for Rock Bridge students and staff to taste. As part of their grade, they decorate their serving area, create a display and a brochure and some students even dress in costume. It makes for a fun day of learning. Culinary instructors Chef Harlan, Chef Risner and Chef Frink visit each table to evaluate the food, and question the students about their understanding of the culture they studied. Judges also selected the top entrants. This year's winners are: Thailand, Scotland and Germany

Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes

Sweden Display

Finland-Michael and Bryanna

Finland-Garlic Soup

Argentina-Brandon and Steven
Argentina-Chorizo and Rice

Scotland-Amelia Houk and Martha Pangborn
 Scotland-Chicken Tikka Masala

Jamaica-Robert Edwards and Robert Peterson
Jamaica-Jerk Chicken with Mango Chutney

France-Jamean and Ben
Greece- Kelyn and Caleb

Belgium-Hunter Wadman and Derick Hern


Mexico-Erykah and Rae

Brazil-Kwevonia and Kwevosha


Germany-German Potato Salad

Germany-Abby Pauley and Linsdey Smith

Germany Display

 Dominican Republic-Kaizjcha and Olivia

Dominican Republic-Sancocho

Cuba-Quashawn and Shon

Cuba-Revuelto de Puerco (Sauteed Pork)

Thailand-Pad Thai

Thailand-Regin and Catherine

Italy-Joe Giovanni and Emerson Hannik

Italy-Butternut Squash Risotto

India-Dahi Chicken


India-Jesse Kahake and Christina Banton

China-Gabe and Rebecca

China-Beef Stir Fry


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