Monday, April 2, 2012

BroJo Students Work MSHSAA Basketball Games

Niles Media Group afforded ten CACC Broadcast Journalism students with the opportunity of a high-school student's lifetime when the production company asked instructor Haley Brueck if she had any qualified students to help cover the 2012 MSHSAA state basketball championships.  Responding with an excited affirmative, Brueck shared the opportunity with her students, many of whom jumped at the chance be a part of a professional, working company.

Students operated cameras, ran graphics, replays, and served as production assistants throughout the weekend.

Brueck rated this opportunity as top-notch.  "It's wonderful. "Niles company employees couldn't tell the high school students from college students, and these students are getting real-world experience. There's nothing like it!"

Here's a list of students who worked for Niles:

MC Burns
Matt Kelly
Ashton Day
Victoria (Madison) May
Sarah Miller
Ross Parks
Scott Coffelt
Paula Herrera
Ashleigh Atasoy
Breanna Thompson

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