Monday, April 23, 2012

FFA State Convention Results

FFA competitors showed well last week at the state convention here in Columbia.  The first place teams will compete at the national convention in the fall.  Individual ranking is listed next to the individual names.

Poultry Evaluation  1st out of 48
Loyal Carpenter- 5th, Brooke Eaton – 7th, Maddie Grant – High Individual, Kaitlin Epperson – 3rd
Forestry 1st out of 44
Stephen Bennett, Tory Chasteen- 6th, Ben Carpenter, Quinn Pestle- 2nd
Nursery/Landscape 1st out of 40
Katie Dirks, Taylor Forsythe- 4th, Kira Kirk –High Individual, Kelly Wilsdorf- 7th
Ag Mechanics 1st out of 44
Sam Crader -3rd, Austin Cunningham- 1st, James Farris- 4th, Josh McKinley
Horse Judging 2nd out of 48
Lindsey Weir – 3rd, Isabelle Mitchell, Amanda Wright- 6th, Samantha Benedict
Dairy Cattle Judging 2nd out of 60
Taylor Frederick 5th, Andy Mott, Bailey Peters 2nd, Kayla Timbrook
Livestock Judging 4th out of 59
Bryanna Gates, Alan Perry- 3rd, Ashton Rhine, Alyssa Strawn
Meats Evaluation 4th out of 48
Taulor Bunch, Lacy Chapin, Ashley Dittamore, Taylor Guindon
Soils 7th out of 48
Devin Barns, Leyna Craigmile, Iain Gould, Austin Wallace
Floriculture 8th out of 50
Allen Austin – 9th, Belquis Elhadi, Kate Okker-Edging, Jeanne Quinn

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