Thursday, April 5, 2012

FFA District Competition Results

Poultry – 1st place team out of 27 teams
Loyal Carpenter – 1st, Brooke Eaton – 3rd, Kaitlyn Epperson- 4th, Maddie Grant- 2nd

Forestry – 1st place team out of 25 teams
Stephen Bennett- 4th, Ben Carpenter 2nd tie, Tory Chasteen 1st , Quinn Pestle 2nd – tie

Livestock – 1st place team out of 39 teams
Bryanna Gates – 7th, Alan Perry - 4th, Ashton Rhine, Alyssa Strawn – 6th

Horse Judging – 1st place team out of 43 teams
Samantha Benedict, Isabelle Mitchell 6th , Lindsey Weir 5th, Amanda Wright 3rd 

Nursery Landscape – 1st place team out of 13 teams
Katie Dirks- 5th , Taylor Forsythe- 3rd , Kira Kirk- 1st , Kelly Wilsdorf- 2nd

Soils – 2nd place team out of 18 teams
Devin Barns, Leyna Cragmile-6th, Iain Gould - 4th, Austin Wallace 2nd

Ag Mechanics – 2nd place team out of 24 teams
Sam Crader 5th, Austin Cunningham 7th, James Farris, Josh McKinley

Meats – 3rd  place team out of 38 teams
Taulor Bunch, Lacy Chapin 7th, Ashley Dittamore 3rd, Taylor Guindon

Floriculture – 4th place team out of 39 teams
Austin Allen- 6th, Belquis Elhadi, Kate Okker Edging, Jeanne Quinn- 3rd

Dairy Cattle Judging – 8th place team out of 26 teams
Liz Gilbert, Dani Plank, Preston Reams, Sylvia Romine

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