Tuesday, April 22, 2014

LifeSmarts Team earns travel stipends for Safety Teaching

The Missouri State Champion LifeSmarts team which hails from Columbia Area Career Center are using their "smarts" to earn a travel stipend and a chance of winning a scholarship by being Safety Smart Ambassadors and teaching Safety Smart curriculum to groups throughout town. Team members, Kira Kirk, Loyal Carpenter, Grant Gould and Chandler Randol have presented the material to school groups, home groups, special ed classes and teaching profession students in order to spread the word about safety. Their presentation, "Going Green",  focuses on the importance of protecting the environment by recycling, reusing and reducing. The Safety Smarts program is underwritten by UL, Underwriters Laboratories and Disney, sponsors of LifeSmarts. The presentation includes a specially made Disney video starring Timba and Pumbaa and is geared toward youth aged 4-10, although "kids" of all ages benefit from its message.  Its a win-win situation; not only do Safety Ambassadors get the word out about safety, but  it also prepares them for the National competition held in Orlando, Florida on April 26-April 29 since some of the information will be used in the contest questions. The presenters get experience talking to groups, and the kids love seeing the enthusiasm of the Safety Smart Ambassadors.

Midway Heights 2nd grade teacher, Sue Cunningham said, "Loyal is a natural.  He did a great job teaching the objectives and motivating the kids! He really kept the ball rolling and the kids were fully engaged in his lesson. He had great examples of ways to reuse things and his cardboard shoe box was perfect." 

CACC Teaching Professions instructor, Gina Greenplate said, "Kira did great.  She did a great job speaking to the class using eye contact and a wonderful speaking voice.  She presented the information and talked to them about how to do it in the classroom.  They are currently putting it in their portfolios for a supplemental resource.".
Check out some of the fun the Safety Ambassadors had.
Loyal teaching 2nd graders at Midway Heights Elementary

Loyal engaging Rock Bridge students

Kira working one on one with a home group

Loyal looks on as the classes enjoys the Disney video "Going Green"

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