Monday, April 7, 2014

SkillsUSA Engineering Technology team designs Portable Hydroelectric Generator

Brad Mann's Civil Engineering 2 students were named state champions in the SkillsUSA Engineering and Technology Design category on Saturday, April 5 at Linn State Technical College. Their task was to devise an innovative engineering idea, design and build a prototype, and create an engineering notebook and poster to present to the judges at the state contest. Their innovative idea was a floating portable hydroelectric generator.  Pontoon boat floaters are connected to a metal deck with a plastic wheel that is connected to a gear box and hooked up to a generator. The turbine was designed using CAD, with a special thanks to Zach Lolley for lending his CAD expertise, and then created using the 3D printer. When the device is put in the water, the current moves the turbine thus creating electricity and charging the battery.  The team of  Hickman seniors Xaiver Braden and Zach Smith and Hickman junior, Eilish Matthews, made a 10 minute presentation, took part in a  10 minute question and answer session and finally a 10 minute critique, in which the judges gave ideas on how to improve the design for potential marketability. They will make the modifications and improvements and take their design to the national competition in June. Good luck at the next level.

Xaiver Braden, Zach Smith and Eilish Matthews

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