Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A+ IT Essentials class selling refurbished computers

David Hopkins' A+ IT Essentials students are making practical use of their computer skills by  refurbishing and selling used computers. They currently have 3 computers available for sale with the proceeds from the sales going to purchase licenses for future computers to help fund their "Repair IT Forward" computers for the needy program.

Each system is loaded with Windows 7 Professional and includes a 21” class LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse and computer. The computer is a Compaq DC7700p Small Form Factor PC. 
The specifications:
    •       Intel Core 2 2.13 GHz Processor
    •       2 GB RAM
    •       80 GB Hard Drive
    •       CD-RW/DVD-ROM Optical Drive

The systems have been cleaned and reconditioned and are guaranteed for 90 days. 
The cost is only $100.

If you are interested, please contact David Hopkins at dhopkins@columbia.k12.mo.us

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  1. Wow that is Great i am applying to take A+ IT Essentials next year and i was just wondering do yall charge to work on these computers?


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