Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Student finds creative way to earn A+ Scholarship

What would you do to earn an A+ Scholarship?  

The A+ Scholarship program sponsored by Missouri Department of Education, allows students to earn 2 years of tuition at a public community college or vocational/technical school in the state of Missouri. Students have to meet certain criteria to receive this scholarship including attending an A+ accredited high school for 3 years, have a minimum 2.5 GPA, 95% attendance record, maintain a record of good citizenship, sign a written agreement prior to graduation and perform 50 hours of unpaid tutoring. 

Students are assigned tutoring tasks in a variety of classroom settings; some in special education, some in elementary education, some in middle school, however, Columbia Area Career Center had a unique opportunity for one of its A+ tutors:  a victim.
As odd as it sounds, the EMT class is always in need of a victim to practice various life saving and emergency medical skills. Rock Bridge senior, Adonis Johnson is that tutor. This semester he has been a drug victim, a stab wound victim, a pregnant victim (where he had to wear the "Mama Natalie" a device that simulates the birthing process allowing students the opportunity to help deliver a baby while the person wearing it controls the training scenario), a  car accident victim,  and as of late, a gunshot victim.

In this real life scenario, he was even outfitted with "wounds" in order to simulate a crime scene. EMT students found an unconscious Adonis in a car  and had to assess his injuries and move him to a gurney and transport him back to the classroom all while using protocols learned in class. Johnson said he came into class early that day so one of his classmates could apply makeup that looked like a real wound. He also had to let them cut away his shirt, in order to find the wound.  Practicing on a real person adds to the learning experience and finding a victim as trusting and easy going as Adonis made the situation a win-win for all involved. While not earning credit for the EMT class, the experience has allowed him to learn a thing or two. Next year Adonis will be attending MACC.

Victims are discovered in a vehicle accident
EMT students locate wound to the leg

EMT students safely remove victim Adonis from  the vehicle

EMT students prepare victim Adonis for transport

EMT students put victim on the gurney for transport

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