Friday, May 17, 2013

39 Receive CNA Certification at Pinning Ceremony

Family and friends joined together to watch 39 students receive their Certified Nursing Assistant certificates at the 2013 CNA Pinning ceremony held in Jesse Hall on the University of Missouri campus. To qualify, students must complete 75 hours of classroom instruction,  100 hours in a  clinical setting and pass the Missouri Certified Nursing Assistant exam. The students completed their clinical hours at The Bluffs and Lenoir nursing facilities.

Assisting with the pinning of the candidates was Kenny Jackson, a Lenoir CNA  who aided students in their integration into nursing care and CACC instructors Monica Duemmel and Janice Barnes.

Perfect Attendance Awards were given to Amanda Clardy, Meagan Coffey, Taylor Nichols and Amanda Schlater. Awards for the highest score on the CNA exam went to Hailey Ketchum, Erica Kalb, Wyatt Wilkerson, Khadija Mohamed and Christina Bailey. Several  peer selected awards were also given. The "Best Partner Awards" went to Kaity Townsend, Olivia Wilson and Erica Kalb. The "Most Fearless Awards" went to Olivia Wilson, Jamie Allen and Hailey Ketchum.

Students read excerpts about the life of  Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, to prepare them for the symbolism used in the ceremony. Candidates were awarded their CNA pin, a certificate and a candle to signify the "passing of the flame", symbolic of Florence Nightingale who was known to carry a lamp as she checked her patients. At the conclusion, they recited the Florence Nightingale pledge, the equivalent of the Hippocratic oath for physicians.

A power point presentation created by Jeff Cochran's CACC  Leadership Media class was made from photographs of the year in review. A reception followed.

Congratulations to Columbia Area Career Center's Certified Nursing Assistant class of 2013.

Janice Barnes, instructor and AM Professions in Healthcare class

Janice Barnes, instructor  and PM Professions in Healthcare class

Monica Duemmel, Instructor, and Professions in Healthcare-Honors class

Highest CNA exam score students

"The passing of the Flame"

Reciting of the Florence Nightingale Pledge

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