Friday, May 17, 2013

Lab 101 students present findings in Poster Session

Christine Roberson's Laboratory Exploration 101 students presented their research  at a poster session at Columbia Area Career Center. A meaningful part of this experience is for students to present to others. In collaboration with University of Missouri researchers, students conducted experiments on Arabidopsis thalianaanalyzed the results and created posters to communicate their findings. 
Stacy Christmas and Sydney Marsden

DeAuna Wolf, Amira Mavrakis, Austin Fernandes and Alexander Komes

Alexander Burke, Carmen Stephens, Kersten Brown and Pierre Chinn

Joshua Frost, Kiley Marshall and John Rentschler

Ayobami Ibitoye, Prarthana Patel and Jessica Klein

Maya Nolin Clark, Rohit Rao and Hannah Hagar

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