Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cadaver Dog visits Core Essentials of Fire Fighting Class

Sherril Gladney, Mutual Aid Coordinator from the State of Missouri Department of Public Safety Division of Fire Safety  came to speak to Bobby Horn's Core Essentials of Firefighting class about how the Mutual Aid Program operates. When major emergencies or statewide disasters occur, they work to coordinate staff and equipment from around the state to help with the effort without leaving any area vulnerable and without coverage.

The highlight was a live demonstration with her cadaver dog, Tiburon.  Officer Gladney planted legally obtained samples around the room to show how law enforcement officers and dogs work together. Tiburon sniffs objects in the room until he picks up the scent, then he barks and points to it with his nose. He is rewarded for his effort. Officer Gladney explained how  cadaver dogs are used in deceased missing persons cases, mass casualty incidents and crime scene management.
Officer Gladney  gives Tiburon the command to search

The search begins

Tiburon  picks up a scent

Tiburon continues to check for the scent

Tiburon locates the scent from the hidden sample

Tiburon points to the location of the sample

Tiburon obediently waits for his reward

Tiburon waits for the command

Checking out possible scents

Starting to hone in on the scent

Tiburon locates the sample in  the top drawer

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