Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Outstanding Student held at new venue this year

The restored Missouri Theater was the venue for the 2013 Outstanding Student Ceremony. Columbia Area Career Center along with their partner in education, MU Administrative  Services sponsor the event which recognizes an Outstanding Student from each career center program. The Outstanding Student Award is the highest honor the career center offers, recognizing one student from each course area. Students are nominated by their instructors based on grades, course work, work habits and attendance. Nominated students  submit an application, resume and essay in addition to being interviewed by personnel from the University of Missouri. The process is part of the career center model of college and career readiness. The Outstanding Student Ceremony recognizes the finalists in each category with the winner  being announced while  on stage. Each nominee received a flash drive with the MU Administrative Services logo and the Outstanding Student is awarded a plaque bearing their name and the program they represent by Paul Toler, Director of MU Business Services.

Also announced were winners of the Arden Boyer-Stephens Scholarship, the Big O Tires Scholarship, the Martha A. Rayl Memorial Scholarship and the Sullivan University Hospitality Scholarship.

And the winners are.........

Arden Boyer Stephens Scholarship---Morgan Widhalm
Big O Tires Scholarship---Austin Reno
Martha A. Rayl Memorial Scholaship---Dahyna Rogers
Sullivan University Hospitality Scholarship---Corina McClee

The Outstanding Student Winners are.........

Culinary Arts---Bailey Lawson
Advanced Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry---Mallory Barnes
Landscaping & Greenhouse Production---Tommy Fieser
Floral and lant Design---Jett Ballou-Crawford
Advanced Animal Science---Kaitlin Epperson
Animal and Veterinary Science---Emily Bruhn
Exploring Agricultural Science---Rory James
Advanced Welding and Project Fabrication---Jordan Craig
Small Engine Technology---Amanda Hendren
Wildlife, Conservation and Forestry---Isabelle Mitchell
Urban Conservation---Kira Kirk
Welding Technology and Agriculture Mechanics---Austin Wallace
Construction Technology---Chris Kalogeris
Entrepreneurship---Nick Godas
Advanced Marketing---Connor McCarty
Marketing---Emma Pliska
Introduction to Professions in Healthcare---Anna Leotta
Professions in Healthcare---Nicole O'Bryan
Professions in Healthcare-Honors---Hailey Ketchum
Information Technology---Jacob Rice
Geospatial Analysis---Austin Renwick
Geospatial Technology---Jon Antel
A+IT Essentials---Jon Antel
Advanced Civil Engineering and Architecture---John Daylor
Civil Engineering and Architecture---Jose Lopez
Electronic Essentials and Electronics 1---David Mellitt
Advanced Electronics---Evan Schulte
Robotics---Owen Van de Riet
Teaching Professions---Kate Hulen
Advanced Teaching Professions---Lacey Reller
Computer Aided Design---Jacob Crum
Advanced Computer Aided Design---Joseph Gu
Automotive Technology---Alex Fredette
Certified Welding---John Rohmiller
Core Essentials of Fire Fighting and Public Safety---Loyal Carpenter
Emergency Medical Technician---Ryan Wood
Photonics---Monica Greenlief
Laser Technology---Mark Kammerich
Web Design and Web Scripting---Kristen Buster
Digital Video and Motion Graphics---Chandler Bramstedt
Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing---Elena Franck
Digital Media---Maddy Roland
Broadcast Journalism---Karina Kitchen
Advanced Broadcast Journalism---Ashton Day
Laboratory Technology---Prarthana Patel
Advanced laboratory Technology---Jenny Zulovich
PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science---Kristi Daugherty
C++ Programming---Michelle Zhuang
Advanced Computer Programming---Brandon Erbschloe

Bailey Lawson-Culinary Arts

Mallory Barnes-Advanced Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry

Tommy Fieser-Landscaping & Greenhouse Production

Jett Ballou-Crawford-Floral and Plant Design

Kaitlin Epperson-Advanced Animal Science

Rory James-Exploring Ag Science

Jordan Craig-Advanced Welding and Project Fabrication

Amanda Hendren-Small Engine Technology

Isabelle Mitchell-Wildlife, Conservation and Forestry

Kira Kirk-Urban Conservation

Nick Godas-Entrepreneurship

Connor McCarty-Advanced Marketing
Emma Pliska-Marketing

Anna Leotta-Intro to Professions in Healthcare

Nicole O'Bryan-Professions in Healthcare

Hailey Ketchum-Professions in Healthcare-Honors
Jacob Rice-Information Technology

Austin Renwick-Geospatial Analysis
Jon Antel-Geospatial Technology

Jon Antel-A+ IT Essentials
John Daylor-Advanced Civil Engineering and Architecture

Jose Lopez-Civil Engineering and Architecture
David Mellitt-Electronic Essentials and Electronics 1

Evan Schulte-Advanced Electronics
Owen Van de Riet-Robotics

Lacey Reller-Advanced Teaching Professions

Justin Crum-Computer Aided Design

Joseph Gu-Advanced Computer Aided Design
Alex Fredette-Automotive Technology
John Rohmiller-Certified Welding
Loyal Carpenter-Core Essentials of Firefighting and Public Safety
Ryan Wood-Emergency Medical Technician

Monica Greenlief-Photonics

Kristin Buster-Web Design and Web Scripting

Chandler Branstedt-Digital Video and Motion Graphics

Elena Franck-Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing
Maddy Roland-Digital Media
Ashton Day-Advanced Broadcast Journalism
Prarthana Patel-Laboratory Technology

Michelle Zhuang-C++ Programming

Jenny Zulovich-Advanced Laboratory Technology
Kristi Daughery-PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science
Brandon Erbschloe-Advanced Computer Programming

Chris Kalogeris-Construction Technology

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