Tuesday, May 14, 2013

FFA Annual Banquet

Columbia FFA celebrates their club achievements from the past year at their annual banquet. Held this year at Rock Bridge High School,  members, staff, family and  guests were treated to a delicious pot luck dinner with the beef and pork cooked to perfection by Rick Distlehorst.
Career Development Event teams were honored,  scholarship recipients named and new officers inducted.

State Proficiency Awards:
Daniel Martz-Wildlife Proficiency

2013 Vo Ag Contest Teams:

Horse Judging: 1st District; 6th State
     Hannah Corbin, Austin Dehaven, Paige Martin & Holly Wegner
Dairy Cattle Judging: 2nd District; 14th State
     Jessica Brown, Taylor Forsythe, Ashlynn Girard & Alyssa Strawn
Meats: 1st District; 4th State
     Maddie Grant, Bailey Peters, Kaitlin Epperson & Loyal Carpenter
Poultry Evaluation: 1st District; 1st State
     Lainyn Kerley, Rachel Kirchhoter, Michelle Ross & Kassie Rankin
Nursery Landscape: 1st District; 6th State
     Drew Atkins, Jordan Craig, Adele Fritz & Quinn Pestle
Forestry: 1st District; 4th State
     Sarah Darr, Kelly Wilsdorf, Kira Kirk & Grant Gould
Ag Mechanics: 1st District; 2nd State
     Joe Ege, Alan Perry, Eva Quattrocchi & Austin Wallace
Soils: 3rd District; 3rd State
     Jamie Vaughn, Daniel Martz, Shelby Wilson & Ashley Cleveland
Dairy Foods: 11 District
     Rory James, Emily Adams, Thomas Fenner & Grace Robertson
Natural Resources: 1st District; 1st State
     Sarah Darr, Lainyn Kerley, Kira Kirk & Isabelle Mitchell
Environthon: 1st District
     Jordan Craig, Sarah Darr, Grant Gould, Kira Kirk & Kelly Wilsdorf
State Trapshooting
     Matt Cruse, Devin Barnes, Jacob Biddle, Carson Banks & Austin Crane

World Dairy Judging Expo--Dairy Cattle Judging: 5th place
     Bailey Peters, Andy Mott & Taylor Frederick

2012 National FFA Teams
Ag Mechanics: 6th Place
     Sam Crader, Austin Cunningham, James Farris & Josh McKinley
Nursery Landscape: 5th Place
     Kelly Wilsdorf, Kira Kirk, Taylor Forsythe & Katie Dirks
Forestry: 1st Place
     Benjamin Carpenter, Quinn Pestle, Stephen Bennett & Tory Chasteen
Poultry:  1st Place
     Maddie Grant, Kaitlin Epperson, Loyal Carpenter & Brooke Eaton
Natural Resourses: 4th Place
     Grant Gould, Julia Matera, Ian Gould & Jordan Craig

Star Greenhand

Ashlynn Girard
Maddie Culbertson
Monica Strawn
Andrew Yount
Carson Banks
Emily Adams

Star Chapter Degree

Jordon Craig
Eva Quattrochi
Kassie Rankin
Andy Mott
Alyssa Strawn
Maddie Grant
Lainyn Kerley
Loyal Carpenter
Bailey Peters
Kaitlin Epperson
Isabelle Mitchell
Kira Kirk
Stephen Bennett

Area FFA Degree
Ashley Cleveland

FFA State Degree
Alan Perry
Kelly Wilsdorf


Kristen Hofen-Memorial Scholarship-Daniel Martz

Boone County Cattlemen's Scholarship-Alyssa Strawn

Missouri State Fair Scholarship-Kelly Wilsdorf

National FFA Scholarship-Sarah Darr

FFA Alumni Scholarships-Ashley Cleveland & Daniel Martz

2013-14 Officers

President--Lainyn Kerley
Vice President-Hickman--Loyal Carpenter
Vice President-Rock Bridge--Grant Gould
Vice President-Battle--Emily Adams
Secretary--Maddie Grant
Treasurer--Andy Mott
Reporter--Bailey Peters
Sentinel--Kira Kirk
Historian-Hickman--Kassie Rankin
Historian-Rock Bridge--Isabelle Mitchell
Chaplain- Keeley Houghton

Daniel Martz-Wildlife Proficiency Award

Ashley Cleveland-Area Chapter Award

Kelly Wilsdorf & Alan Perry-State FFA Degree

Sarah Darr-$1,000 National FFA Scholarship recipient

Daniel Martz-Kristen Hoffen Memorial Scholarship recipient

Ashley Cleveland-FFA Alumni Scholarship recipient

Daniel Martz-FFA Alumni Scholarship recipient

Soils Team

Horse judging team

Poultry Evaluation Team

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